How We'll Lead

Igniting a New Vitality

We believe that change starts here, not in Washington, and not by following someone else's lead. Let’s lead by bringing together all of the business, labor, non-profits, and academic efforts to spur new job opportunities in one well-crafted initiative to make Minneapolis the Silicon Valley of Food and the nexus of Health and Wellness. Let’s lead with a focused, transparent initiative better than what other cities are doing to attract, grow and retain our place at the economic table. Let’s lead with a city budget that is more thoughtful in addition and subtraction, with a prioritization that reflects our values. One that justifies its property tax increases. Let’s lead by building digital dashboards visible to all that track our city’s performance and think ahead instead of reacting.  Let’s lead with a plan to support our entrepreneurs who are risking their future here. Let's lead for our city events which deserve a broader audience through national attention and tourism to help them grow—and showcase Minneapolis. 

Leading in Public Safety & Social Justice


We believe that social justice and public safety should go hand in hand. Let’s lead by prioritizing major crime clearance as our transparent goal for restoring public safety. Our current crime clearance performance and our uneven arrest rates by race for the same crimes will shock you. Let’s lead with a more focused, community-wide set of goals that we transparently track for all to see. And by truly delivering equity instead of just talking about it.

Owning Our Place as the North Coast of Arts & Culture

We believe that Minneapolis alone is the beacon for arts and culture between the two coasts and has been since the early days of Tyrone Guthrie at the Guthrie Theater and Martin Friedman at the Walker. Today, hundreds of new arts innovators are standing in their place, but we are not doing anything to own our status as the North Coast. Let’s lead to establish a bold identity and bring a South x Southwest level of attention to all of our arts and culture organizations. Let’s lead by supporting our creative class of advertising, digital and social marketers. We must showcase and market who we are: a progressive, global city with a cutting-edge cultural perspective.