August 8th Meet and Greet Recap

Last night, I spoke with residents of Kenwood Isles. In spite of some challenges with the sound system, we had a great conversation. Read on.

On the election:

The attendees had questions about the election and Ranked Choice Voting, which we were happy to answer.

Voters listening to Tom speak at Kenwood Isles.

Voters listening to Tom speak at Kenwood Isles.

On programming for senior citizens:;;;

Many in the room wanted to know why a local senior center had recently closed and what the mayor can do to ensure seniors have opportunities to interact with the community.

On the homeless:

Some had concerns about the homeless population so we discussed different ways to help homeless people.


On retail and housing downtown:

Now that Macy's, Barnes and Noble, and other retail anchors are gone from downtown, people are concerned about what will replace them and often ask at meet and greets what we can do to bring retail back downtown.

Overall it was a great night. We won some hearts and picked up some new volunteers!

Upcoming Events

We have several meet and greets coming up. Find one near you, or reach out to our field team to schedule a meet and greet of your own!

Tom Hoch