August 28th Meet and Greet Recap

Yesterday, I returned to Ward 5 for a meet and greet. Our hosts had a beautiful home in the Homewood neighborhood. The guest list included leaders like Ebony Walker of the Minneapolis Urban League, former city council member Jackie Cherryhomes and Councilman Blong Yang. The conversation, by turns intense and emotional, drilled down to the core of some very serious issues, like gentrification, displacement of minorities, employment, and immigration. It was a productive night! Highlights are below.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

On immigration and Minneapolis' status as a sanctuary city:


On police reform:


On public housing:


On the future of the city:

Last night was the first of four meet and greets this week! Tonight I'll be in Ward 1, tomorrow Ward 7 and on Thursday I'll finish the week in Bryn Mawr. Come if you can! Plus, yard signs are in! Get yours

Tom Hoch