The Detroit Promise Initiative and what it could mean for Minneapolis!

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Today the Mayor of Detroit and the Kellogg Foundation announced a major grant to Detroit Promise, an initiative to help high school graduates attend college tuition free.  This is an example of a Mayor and City that are stepping up to find innovative ways to reward their citizens and tangibly improve the lives of their citizens.

We have been watching how Detroit tracks their high school graduation rates as well as the number of students matriculating to college. And how they communicate through one click, digital (and visual) dashboards that instantly track how they are doing. 

What if the Mayor of Minneapolis partnered with the Minneapolis School Board and the greater community on an effort to help our students take the important step of advanced training and education at the community college and 4-year college level?   How might we partner with another important community member, the University of St. Thomas, on their recently announced 2-year associate degree program?  

This is one way to turn residency in Minneapolis into an advantage for all of our citizens by offering a Minneapolis program that helps advance our next generation. 



Tom Hoch