Day 1 of Twin Cities Start-up Week

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Since our campaign’s start in February, we have been talking about the need for a plan that delivers future prosperity for everyone. Along the way we have highlighted stories from other cities where there are focused efforts in place to bring new jobs and new businesses to their cities with well-paying jobs with benefits at all levels. And we’ve noted the efforts of the Washington, D.C. Mayor and her initiative to set private sector job goals by ward so that everyone truly participates.

This is why we applaud Nels Pederson and the Twin Cities Start-Up Week (TCSW). Please check out TCSW’s slate of programs this week (see:  Many of these sessions highlight and share entrepreneurial innovation as well as share information for  success right here in Minneapolis.


Day One activities culminated in this afternoon’s MN  Cup Final Awards Event at the McNamara Center on the UMN Campus. Take a look at the division winners and their innovation stories right here:

Among these great stories one winner captured our attention and our heart:

We are looking forward to Day Two!  We can have the future we imagine and build, or accept the one that comes.

Tom Hoch

Tom Hoch