Tonight was the Opening Party for the Twin Cities Start Up Week

From the start of this race we have been the only mayoral campaign talking about the next generation of prosperity for our city. We have highlighted how other cities have very defined plans to foster new job opportunities like Boulder and its focused effort on bringing natural and organic companies with $20MM in revenues to their community. We also have shown how Indianapolis is remaking itself from a Midwest manufacturing hub to a Midwest technology center. And we have showcased Washington D.C.’s Mayor and how she sets private sector job goals by ward so that everyone participates in the growing economy.

Our Mayor should help set the stage and bring all of our resources from business, labor, education, non-profits and government to bear so that we have a vibrant and undisputed lead in new start-up opportunities.

Minneapolis needs a plan to be the Silicon Valley of Food, the nation’s leader in Health & Wellness, the North Start of start-ups which is the theme of this week.

Take a look at the abundance of programs where our entrepreneurs are coming together, supporting each other and creating exciting opportunities for our future. (See and sign up at

We will be at several of these events this week, and we will be talking about what we are seeing. We hope you can join the Twin Cities Start Up Week too!

Tom Hoch

Tom Hoch