Out North

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Tonight is the world premiere of Out North, a Twin Cities PBS (TPT) documentary that explores our shared LGBTQ history here in Minnesota. This powerful documentary tells the stories of our pioneers from Minnesota’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. (There’s a red carpet premiere at the Cowles Center tonight. Out North premieres on Twin Cities PBS next Monday, October 16th at 8:00 pm. The LGBTQ community and allies are hosting ‘watch’ parties all over the Twin Cities and around the state on Monday evening).

Out North underscores the seminal and leading roles that brave Minnesota leaders played here in our state and in the national LGBTQ narrative. Before Stonewall there was FREE, one of the first college organizations that was proudly out, visible and leading the charge for our rights. Minnesota was home to the first same sex marriage in the nation. Lesbian entrepreneur Honey Harolddeveloped a safe gathering place for women in our community for over three decades against all odds.  

And, thankfully, Out North goes beyond just the narrative of white gay men. Out North features histories of other queer communities of color including Native American stories.

Daniel Bergin is the Senior Producer and Director—and he and his family are active in our Minneapolis community.  Daniel is a peerless storyteller as evidenced by his body of work including an earlier documentary, North Star: Minnesota’s Black Pioneers.  Here is a preview of Out North.

Kudos to Twin Cities PBS and Bergin for bringing our shared history to life. This is an invaluable contribution, especially right after National Coming Out Day! 

Tom Hoch

Tom Hoch