Darling Pickle Dips!


This week is Twin Cities Start Up Week and we have been following all of the great events unfolding to encourage and spur more start-ups in Minneapolis.

We joined the Mayor’s race in February and have been the only campaign consistently talking about how we create our future through concentrated efforts to support start-ups, grow our small businesses and attract mid-size companies primed for growth.  Our objective is to guarantee that Minneapolis in the future will have great jobs for all of our people and that our city and culture prospers as a result.

One start-up that caught our attention last Spring at a Midwest Pantry event is Darling Pickle Dips. (Full disclosure: We can pickles every year with friends and enter the State Fair…we actually won the blue ribbon for our Dill Pickles a few years ago so anything with pickles would naturally catch our attention!). 

We love these unique and different snacking dips made with a blend of pickled vegetables, white beans, cream cheese and herbs and spices. All four flavors are delicious to our taste: Original Dill, Spicy Pickle, Fiery Jalapeno & Roasted Tomato, and White Cheddar & Mustard with Dill Pickle.

This past Summer you probably saw them at one of the farmers’ markets in Mill City, Fulton, and Northeast Minneapolis.  

So for your next Gopher or Vikings tailgate or any holiday gathering, go to one of these Kowalski’s store locations and try  Darling Pickle Dips. There’s nothing like them. And when you do, you are investing in a Minneapolis business for our future.

Tom HochStartup Week