From the start of our campaign in February, we have been talking about the importance of our Minneapolis mayor championing start-ups to help build and encourage our next generation of companies. We believe that a great start-up environment attracts people to Minneapolis, and brings great job opportunities in the process.

That is why we are so supportive of this week’s Twin Cities Start Up Week and its slate of programming.

One Minneapolis start-up that has caught our attention is Upsie!


Upsie can be the Uber or Lyft of warranties. Upsie’s founder is an inspirational leader, Clarence Bethea, who seeks to revolutionize the way we think about, purchase and track the warranties on the expensive things—like Apple phones, TVs, household appliances—that we buy.  Clarence and his team have designed a simple to use app that allows you to directly get a warranty starting from the UPC code, and allows you to customize the coverage you want as well as store your warranties for easy referral and use. And Upsie reduces the cost of your average warranty by a significant percentage! You will be able to see the price and coverage differences right from your mobile phone.  

Upsie is part of the Techstars program housed at Target. And Upsie is a great example of the innovative tech applications coming out of Minneapolis.

So please check out what Upsie has to offer and please try it out the next time you purchase a large ticket item that needs a warranty.  When you help Upsie, you will be helping grow one of Minneapolis’ future companies!  Go Upsie!

Tom Hoch

Tom HochStartup Week