Day 2 of Twin Cities Start-up Week


Since we launched our campaign for mayor in February, we have been talking about how other cities are setting the stage for future job growth and prosperity for all.  We have highlighted the focused initiative in Boulder, Colorado which seeks to encourage natural and organic food start-ups as well attract established natural and organic food companies with over $20MM in revenue. The Boulder folks believe that growing a $20MM revenue company to $200MM in revenue over a short time is doable and brings a whole lot of good paying job opportunities at all levels in the interim.

That is why we are excited by Tuesday’s events at the Twin Cities Start Up Week! Please check out the schedule here.  Of note is the ‘Maker to Market Demo Days: A New Food Accelerator’ by the Lakewinds Cooperative. And we will be attending the afternoon session ‘Dynamic Duos: Corporations Investing in Food Start-ups’ where food players like Land ‘O Lakes, Schwan's and General Mills’ 301 Inc. are supporting the next generation of food entrepreneurs here in Minnesota.

We believe that Minneapolis should be the Silicon Valley of food and that our mayor can help set the stage for business, education, non-profits and government to nurture and earn this title. Congratulations to Lauren Mehler Pradhan and Grow North for their pioneering work and presenting the ‘Dynamic Duo’ session!

Tom Hoch