August 21st Meet and Greet Recap

Last night's meet and greet in Ward 5 was a smashing success! More than 40 people came to hear me speak and ask questions. The conversation was very productive; we covered many topics that are unique to North Minneapolis. City council members Barb Johnson and Blong Yang also stopped by. What a fantastic event!

Community activist Mickey Cook and Councilman Blong Yang were among the attendees. 

Community activist Mickey Cook and Councilman Blong Yang were among the attendees. 

On affordable housing on the riverfront:

On the north side's disproportionate share of affordable housing:

On the 15 dollar minimum wage:

On property taxes:

On attracting homeowners to the north side:

On breaking the cycle of poverty:


We have several more meet and greets coming up! Find one in your ward and let us know that you plan to attend. See you there!

Tom Hoch
August 15th Meet and Greet Recap

Yesterday, I stopped by Holmes Park Village in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood to speak with voters. 

The residents of Holmes Park Village had questions about various types of public assistance, including Section 8, which I was more than happy to address.

On Section 8 vouchers:

On Medicare and Medicaid Spend-down requirements:

The residents also had questions about the police department. I explained that my existing relationship with Medaria Arradondo.

I enjoyed meeting the engaged voters at Holmes Park Village...and their canine companions!

Tom Hoch
Statement on Charlottesville


I watched, stunned, as racism and bigotry marched through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. I watched with sorrow as reports came in that three people had lost their lives and dozens more were injured. I watched with hope as these racists were outnumbered by counter-protesters flooding the streets to tell them their hate was not welcome there. I watched with resolve as arrests were made and charges were filed against those who cost Heather Heyer her life. 

Racism has not been eliminated. Hate continues its pernicious existence. Bigotry is excused by a president who replies with false equivalencies instead of condemnation. We cannot be silent in the face of prejudice. We must come together and speak with one voice against this vile ideology and those who espouse it. 

Tom Hoch
August 9th Meet and Greet Recap

Last night, artist Jim Conaway hosted a meet and greet in his studio in the Warehouse District. I was able to address many citizens' concerns one-on-one. (If you have questions for me, I'd love to answer them -- come to a meet and greet!) I also answered several interesting questions from the group as a whole. It was an evening full of great conversation and great art! The highlights are below:

On environmental issues within the city:

On police reform:

On being a "PR rep" for Minneapolis:


Join our team! Sign up to make phone calls, host a meet and greet, canvass or host a canvass launch!

Tom Hoch