Yard Signs Made by Local Artists


Tom celebrates art in all of its forms, which why he wanted to include artists in his campaign for Mayor. A group of local artists got together and made street art-inspired yard signs. The signs are going up all over the city. When you see one out in the wild, snap a photo and post it to your social media channels with the hashtag #Tom4MPLS. (Please be respectful of people's yards.) The first person to snap pictures of all 8 signs will get a massive social media shout-out! 

About the Artists


These signs were made by the street-art team #Slayvika. You may have already seen their Prince stencils in various locations around town. #Slayvika is a partnership between two artists: Erin Sayer and Liseli Polivka.

Erin Sayer

Erin Sayer travels around the country painting murals. Erin worked with Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra on the Bob Dylan mural in downtown Minneapolis. She also runs galleries and is always involved in something artistic.

Liseli Polivka

Liseli Polivka was the costume designer for The Haunted Basement for many years. In addition to custom sewing, her passions including embroidery, creating one-of-a-kind hand-painted clothes, pencil drawings (or "doodles" as she calls them) and antiques. She is a seasoned CSA farm worker and taxi driver.