Great public schools are the anchor to great neighborhoods. We cannot have a world class city with strong neighborhoods if our schools don’t reflect that same aspiration. Tom is committed to leveraging the power of the Mayor’s office to make our schools world class.  


Here's how we will make our schools better in Minneapolis:

Regular meetings with the Superintendent of schools

Tom pledges to meet monthly with the Superintendent of Schools to make sure the City is partnering effectively with our schools. The key objective of these meetings will be to assess and track the ‘school readiness’ of our students by neighborhood, so that the City can support neighborhoods with key services to ensure that our children are walking into class ready to learn.

Jobs and economic growth

As a former teacher, Tom understands how important it is for kids to have stability in their lives. Children who arrive at school hungry, homeless or traumatized by the volatility of their home life, simply cannot concentrate on learning. Poverty is enormously destabilizing for families. This is why our campaign has a detailed Jobs and Economic Growth Plan to bring new businesses and jobs to our community.

Affordable Housing

Transience is a significant challenge for teachers and students alike. Nothing destabilizes a school like a student population that’s constantly in flux.  Tom has a detailed and specific Affordable Housing Plan which outlines how to support public housing first, keep and build affordable housing in all neighborhoods and to offer the opportunity to create more home ownership in the same neighborhood where people are renting. 

Change Our Value proposition in education through the arts

Tom believes that the arts is a place where we can make a huge difference in closing the achievement gap and where we can change the entire value proposition for our public schools. Tom wants to focus and lead a public-private effort to guarantee free arts instruction in areas like music, dance and the visual arts for our elementary students. He wants to work with the arts institutions in the City to provide school visits and field trips so that every school and student in the district is exposed to the world-class arts in our city!  Tom believes that Minneapolis could be the first public school system in the country to provide free, multi-year arts instruction to its students.

Expand after School programs

Tom believes that we need a more comprehensive after school program for our students and that Minneapolis can stand above all others in this area. If elected mayor, Tom will bring together the School District, the Park Board, Arts and Sports Institutions and Educational Institutions to explore how we might develop a multi-faceted program that provides an array of opportunities to aid in school work, advance arts education and sports training and prepare others for career training, all in after school and recreation centers located in their neighborhoods.

School Resource Officers

Teachers cannot teach when students are disruptive or violent. Tom acknowledges that school resource officers are necessary. However, he also supports programs like New Vision Initiatives, which helps children learn mindfulness and meditation. 


So why should you vote for Tom Hoch to lead Minneapolis?

Tom taught 2nd through 6th grade at four different Minneapolis schools. He’s the only candidate in the race that has experience in the schools as a classroom teacher. He understands the realities of building strong relationships with students, parents and other teachers.  While anyone can come up with great ideas for improving schools, it takes someone with classroom experience to come up with ideas that work.

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