The voters have spoken, and Minneapolis has a new mayor.  I’ve just called Jacob Frey to offer my congratulations.  I’ve also pledged to do all I can to help him be successful.  We all want that, I know.  You can count on me – and Jacob can count on me – to do my part.

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to my husband Mark, my family, my staff, and all of the volunteers and donors who believed in our campaign and supported me throughout.  A special thank you to the thousands of Minneapolis voters who voted for me yesterday.

The leaders we’ve chosen will guide Minneapolis the next four years, and we all want them to succeed.  Me more than anyone.  Because I love Minneapolis.  I really do.  We can be better.  We know we can.  Now it’s up to all of us, and our new leaders at City Hall, to ensure the future of Minneapolis is as bright as I know it can be.

That’s why I ran for mayor.

My thanks, again, to everyone for your support




Tom Hoch